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Old 12-03-2010, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by wyjoz View Post

Quote from link Mosaica posted:

"The enemies haven't disappeared entirely. A 2009 Union of Concerned Scientists study calculated that only 14% of recent corn-crop yield increases are due to genetically engineered Bt corn. Roundup-ready corn and soy seeds don't increase crop yield at all, it found. Genetic engineering of crops "is inherently risky," says Greenpeace Policy Director Marco Contiero. "We cannot recall crops that are released into the environment." He says Monsanto's dominance decreases seed biodiversity."

Enemies? Shame on you, Forbes.

Finally Forbes sees the ''light''' Monsanto’s Ongoing Corruption Incites Forbes’ Retraction… Posted By Dr. Mercola | December 03 2010

Monsanto has been paying farmers to use its competitors' herbicides. Why? It's a last ditch effort to address the spread of superweeds created by the company's "Roundup Ready" (RR) GMO crops.

Environmental scientists warned about the problem of herbicide-resistant weed creation even before Monsanto's "herbicide tolerant" GMO crops were approved. Of course, Monsanto denied these early warnings.

And in fact, while Monsanto was telling farmers not to worry about resistant weeds, they were already preparing to profit from farmers' weed troubles. In 2001, Monsanto received a patent on mixing herbicides with Roundup for use on RR fields with resistant weeds.

According to Generation Green:

"Weed scientists now say that superweeds from GMO crops infest over 11 million acres of US farmland -- nearly five times more acreage than just three years ago -- at a cost to US farmers of $1 billion a year ... But superweeds do create new opportunities for the pesticide companies that make GMO crops.

Given Monsanto's history, it makes you wonder if superweeds are just an unexpected problem from GMOs, or was creating the problem the plan all along?"

Forbes magazine also recently admitted their mistake in naming Monsanto company of the year in 2009. They released an article stating they were "wrong on Monsanto … really wrong," citing not only the problems with resistant superweeds but also investigations over antitrust issues and a potential flop in an expensive new variety of GM corn seed.

Generation Green October 26, 2010

Forbes October 12, 2010
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Old 12-03-2010, 10:34 PM
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I respect when a company or person admits they were wrong. Food for them.

Thanks for sharing,

Mary Kay
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Old 03-08-2011, 05:29 PM
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Monsanto shifts all liability to farmers

Shocking, but not surprising. A new standard for corporate chutzpah.


Monsanto stacks the deck in its favor with its most recent stunt: making farmers sign an agreement to take all responsibility for the results of their GM crops…forever.

so.......now is the time ...... to start thinking on our own gardens !
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Old 04-01-2011, 04:33 PM
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Just watched part one and am bracing myself for the next nine installments. Thanks for drawing this to my attention. I also found another video on Facebook. Try googling "Vandana Shiva:the Future of food: part one.
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Old 07-18-2011, 11:30 AM
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More news on Monsanto. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axU9n...&feature=share
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Old 08-03-2011, 08:58 AM
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See a Little Glimmer of Hope

Court rules organic farmers can sue conventional, GMO farmers whose pesticides ‘trespass’ and contaminate their fields

Posted: 03 Aug 2011 12:00 AM PDT

(NaturalNews) Purveyors of conventional and genetically-modified (GM) crops — and the pesticides and herbicides that accompany them — are finally getting a taste of their own legal medicine. Minnesota’s Star Tribune has reported that the Minnesota Court of Appeals recently ruled that a large organic farm surrounded by chemical-laden conventional farms can seek damages for lost crops, as well as lost profits, caused by the illegal trespassing of pesticides and herbicides on its property.

Oluf and Debra Johnson’s 1,500-acre organic farm in Stearns County, Minn., has repeatedly been contaminated by nearby conventional and GMO farms since the couple started it in the 1990s. A local pesticide cooperative known as Paynesville Farmers Union (PFU), which is near the farm, has been cited at least four times for violating pesticide laws, and inadvertently causing damage to the Johnson’s farm.

The first time it was realized that pesticides had drifted onto the Johnson’s farm in 1998, PFU apologized, but did not agree to pay for damages. As anyone with an understanding of organic practices knows, even a small bit of contamination can result in having to plow under that season’s crops, forget profits, and even lose the ability to grow organic crops in the same field for at least a couple years.

The Johnson’s let the first incident slide. But after the second, third, and fourth times, they decided that enough was enough. Following the second pesticide drift in 2002, the Johnson’s filed a complaint with the Minnesota Agriculture Department, which eventually ruled that PFU had illegally sprayed chemicals on windy days, which led to contamination of the Johnson’s organic crops.

PFU settled with the Johnson’s out of court, and the Johnson’s agreed to sell their tainted products as non-organics for a lower price, and pull the fields from production for three years in order to bring them back up to organic standards. But PFU’s inconsiderate spraying habits continued, with numerous additional incidents occurring in 2005, 2007, and 2008, according to the Star Tribune.

After enduring much hardship, the Johnson’s finally ended up suing PFU in 2009 for negligence and trespass, only to receive denial from the district court that received the case. But after appealing, the Johnson’s received favor from the Appeals Court, which ruled that particulate matter, including pesticides, herbicides, and even GM particulates, that contaminates nearby fields is, in fact, considered illegal trespass, and is subject to the same laws concerning other forms of trespass.

In a similar case, a California-based organic farm recently won a $1 million lawsuit filed against a conventional farm whose pesticides spread through fog from several miles away, and contaminated its fields. Jacobs Farm / Del Cobo’s entire season’s herb crop had to be discarded as a result, and the court that presided over the case acknowledged and agreed that the polluters must be held responsible (http://organicfood.einnews.com/artic...contamination).

Precedent has now been set for organic farmers to sue biotechnology companies whose GMOs contaminate their crops
The stunning victories of both the Johnson’s and Jacob’s Farm / Del Cobo against their chemical-polluting neighbors is huge, in that it represents a new set legal precedent for holding conventional, factory farming operations responsible for the damage their systems cause to other farms. And with this new precedent set, many more organic farmers, for instance, can now begin suing GMO farmers for both chemical and genetic pollution that drifts onto their farms.

Many NaturalNews readers will recall the numerous incidents involving lawsuits filed by Monsanto against non-GMO farms whose crops were inadvertently contaminated by GM material. In many of these cases, the defendants ended up becoming bankrupted by Monsanto, even though Monsanto’s patented materials were the trespassers at fault.

Be sure to check out the extensive and very informative report compiled by the Center for Food Safety (CFS) entitled Monsanto vs. U.S. Farmers for a complete history of Monsanto’s war against traditional American agriculture: http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/p...ort1.13.05.pdf

But it appears that the tables are now turning. Instead of Monsanto winning against organic farmers, organic farmers can now achieve victory against Monsanto. In other words, farmers being infringed upon by the drifting of GM material into their fields now have a legal leg to stand on in the pursuit of justice against Monsanto and the other biotechnology giants whose “frankencrops” are responsible for causing widespread contamination of the American food supply.

Genetic traits are highly transmissible, whether it be through pollen transfer or seed spread, and organic and non-GMO farmers have every right to seek damages for illegal trespassing when such transmission takes place. It is expected that many more organic farms will step up and begin seeking justice and compensation for damage caused by crop chemicals, GM materials, and other harmful invaders.

For too long, Monsanto has been getting away with suing farmers whose crops have become contaminated by Monsanto’s patented genetic traits and chemical materials, and winning. Thankfully, the justice system seems to now recognize the severe error in this, and is now beginning to rightfully hold polluters and trespassers responsible. Monsanto, your days are numbered.

Sources for this story include:

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Old 08-03-2011, 10:29 AM
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'''they''' won't give up

Democracy Now! info@fooddemocracynow.org
reply-to "Dave Murphy, Food Democracy Now!"


Last night I received a disturbing email. It was from a contact telling me one big PR firm dedicates over 50 fulltime staff to the Monsanto account. On top of this, Monsanto themselves already have 75 staff working solely to investigate and prosecute farmers. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

These are the types of numbers we are up against.

But we have some more impressive numbers. We have 250,000 – that’s the number of you, our members, working to realize an alternative vision – one that restores dignity to our farmers and food. The other number we have is 2. That’s how many paid staff we have holding everything together here at our HeadQuarters in Iowa.

Not quite the numbers Monsanto has at their disposal, but our 2 combined with your 250,000 can more than have their measure. That is, as long as we can look after one more important number – the figure we have in our bank account to ensure our continued existence.

Using our power in numbers is the only way we can take on Monsanto, and the rest of big ag. That’s why we need all 250,000 of us to each chip in a little bit today to help us keep the lights on. Click here to stand with us in our fight by making your small contribution:


The other side won't rest. They have billions of dollars to stop every reform we want - and they work day and night with stadiums full of lobbyists to spread their propaganda to the American public and elected officials.

Each time they try, we need to be there to stop them. To trump corporate influence with people power, to expose their lies and propaganda for what it is, and show politicians that we will hold them accountable - as we've already done together on GMOs, corporate monopolies, child nutrition, food safety and more in the past.

Big Ag has never faced this before - people power at its finest, with thousands of everyday citizens chipping in a small amount to make a sum total far greater than its parts, motivated not by greed but by moral duty. But to be out there effectively at a moment's notice - on the streets, in the press, on the web, in the Capitol - this time we need you to vote with your wallet:


Monsanto has all the lobbyists, spin doctors, 'scientists' and lawyers they need to force farmers off their land and keep their monopoly over our food system. Us? We've got each other. Each of us chipping in what we can afford can create campaigns that rival Monsanto and others' influence and hold them accountable.

That power in numbers has them running scared - why do you think they need 50 PR staff? That's why I'm asking you to exercise that power today by chipping in what you can to stand up to Big Ag.

Thanks for being such an important number making up our movement,

Dave and Lisa

P.S - Here's the numbers game: Monsanto spends billions and employs tens of thousands. To stop them, we just need one: YOU. Chip in what you can today to make sure our movement can survive into the future.
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Old 09-10-2011, 01:11 PM
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It's easy, tempting, and wrong to put GM into some kind of black-or-white category when what we have here is a clear example not of bad technology so much as corporate greed. You can use GM, as Monsanto did, to create plants that are resistant to herbicides and so promote more use of herbicides, or you can use it instead to create crops that are less water-hungry, or naturally resistant to pests and so not as amenable to pesticide use, or any number of other earth-friendly uses. Getting over the hump before our population drops to sustainability will require just about every tool in the chest, as well as the will to use it responsibly.
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Old 03-24-2012, 04:32 PM
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One little victory....

Dear NaturalNews readers,

A few days ago, protesters in California managed to shut down a Monsanto office as part of their protest against GMOs:

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